Year: 2017

A friendly visit from John Barba with MyGolfSpy

Over the years, I had the opportunity to meet people in the golf industry. Most of them are class acts in their own way. John Barba, a writer from MyGolfSpy, contacted me about playing some golf. Absolutely! Play golf in this beautiful fall weather and with no exception, with a class act like John. I didn’t know what to expect with our meeting and to be honest I was slightly nervous to begin with.  We headed to Ruffled Feathers Golf Course in Lemont Illinois. Rainy, soggy day, but with the course for the private taking, it was as enjoyable as it was picturesque.  We got through the formalities and we spoke on what we do and how we became to be. We talked about what my plans are for the future of Buzelli Golf. Sharing my passions, endeavors, and even past fails. John had some very good ideas and as the day progressed, I started to realize that John is a down to earth kind of guy. A little tidbit, about the fourth or fifth hole, John’s driver broke. The weight on the sole dislodged and rattled in the cavity of the driver head. Now sounding like a rattle, and deemed the nickname “The Rattle” quite comical if you ask me. John still striped it down the middle. A couple laughs and good conversations were had the whole afternoon. I did say and I will always feel this way, if things were not to work out for Buzelli Golf, I got to meet some really cool people on this journey. Some I would even call friends. At the end of the evening we parted ways. I couldn’t help feeling, If MyGolfSpy has upstanding writers like John on their team, I began to feel a new respect for what MyGolfSpy is all about. Not that I didn’t before but it almost makes it a reality when you meet in person. I did learn a little bit from today’s meeting as well. Something about myself that might be different from the rest of the putter makers out there. The ability to personalize and bring people together. Not only other manufacturers for products but as far as treating the next guy on a personal level. In my busy schedule, I will always try to find the time for people in my life. Buzelli Golf will not only be rare and different, but will have that personal appeal that most are losing nowadays. I think that can be the most important part in being successful. So thank you John for making today a great day. Until we meet again at Dubsdread!





Treetops Resort a golfers paradise

A short while ago, I visited Michigan’s beautiful Treetops resort. Third time in three years to be exact. Only this time I chose to bring my six year old son. He may not be old enough to appreciate the stunning scenery, however I pointed out to him quite often what I thought was beautiful. One father and sons memories to last a lifetime. Rolling hills, majestic drops, wildlife and fresh air added to the experience. A flock of turkeys on the seventh hole of Threetops, really was something my son have never seen. Not to mention early fall colors, oh was it grand. I would recommend playing all the courses while you visit. Each one has a different feeling. Two must plays are the Signature and the par three course Threetops. At least get those into your golf filled schedule. I don’t want to completely spoil it for you. You will have to visit yourself. In fact, in the spring of 2018, Buzelli Golf would like to invite a large group to visit. So if you are interested, drop me a line. I’m looking forward to year four in a row. It never gets old. 

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